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   Our time at the AWAKENFAIR.COM was sublime!

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I'm Heather Lynn: a natural healer, an intuitive person and a very compasionate listener.   I am a Reiki Master.  As a spiritual person, I believe we are all greater than the sum of our physiological parts!  I also attained my Master's degree from Boston University School of Social Work.  Learn more about me: Meet Heather Lynn

Reiki is a hands-on, chakra balancing, healing modality.  Often I liken Reiki to Acupuncture, releasing blockages that get in the way of our optimun health and happiness, simply without the needles.  Learn more about what a reiki experience is like: Testimonials

Enjoy my website: Learn, Love and Experience Reiki. 

Live With Ease,
~ Heather Lynn 

All That Ease Podcast
52nd Episode

"1st Anniversary"

From #TwoPeasinaPodcast to #Rabbits&Rivers to #Manifestation Connection Series and all the humorous and humble shows in between, here's our FIRST LIVE podcast recording in front of the #AwakenFair audience in Fort Lee, NJ.

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Special Thanks to CREATIVE SEMINARS at for recording our LIVE podcast at the Awaken Fair in Fort Lee, NJ.  Recording Engineer credit goes to Renee Ruwe.


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