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I'm Heather Lynn: a natural healer, an intuitive person and a very compassionate listener.   I am a Reiki Master.  As a spiritual person, I believe we are all greater than the sum of our physiological parts!  I attained my Master's degree from Boston University School of Social Work in 2003.  Learn more about me: Meet Heather Lynn


Reiki is a hands-on, chakra balancing, healing modality.  Often I liken Reiki to acupuncture, releasing blockages that get in the way of our optimum health and happiness, simply without needles. 
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Live With Ease,
~ Heather Lynn 

* News *

I'm super excited about my next project!

Reiki Class for Kids!

I'll be teaching your intuitive and sensitive child(ren) about the interconnectedness of colors, crystals and chakras, and their influence upon mood, feelings and mental clarity.  We will practice mantras and explore guided meditations through music as we become familiar with the feeling of being grounded and centered within ourselves.

I have a long professional history working with children in many settings: elementary schools, preschool programs, foster care, special education services, children and family counseling services and Head Start programs.

This new project is the perfect blend, yin yang, of my two passions: guiding children to connect with their best selves as we connect with the best that is all around us.

Please contact me for more details and pricing.
This class runs as ongoing, open, rolling enrollment.

* * * 

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